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Timeless architecture and a quality
that seeks harmony with nature

Nautic Park’s building blends in perfectly with its surroundings, creating a harmonious and ideal space for leisure. It incorporates the pines that were growing there, providing an exceptional microclimate. High quality materials, attention to detail and outstanding architecture contribute to a project that is full of refinement and exceptional aesthetic.

„In designing Nautic Park, our prime focus was on making the building blend perfectly with its surroundings. Our inspiration came from wave fronts and the wide coastal horizon – simple and abstract patterns that arise directly from nature. Hence, the building’s modern shape based on slightly broken lines of loggias interwoven with glass facades and balustrades, which give lightness to the building and open it out to the magnificent views. The wood that’s been used on the ground floor similarly tries to connect the building harmoniously with the vegetation of the coastal dunes.”

Architect Magdalena Ziajska  |  JedenDoJeden Architekci

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