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Move in and earn

An investment that gives yields

Nautic Park’s ensures you have the comfort of owning your own apartment at the seaside and/or enjoying profit from its rental

A second home type real estate can generate profits throughout the year, while retaining all of its key benefits: owner’s accessibility and security of their investment. A Nautic Park apartment will be your private and always accessible haven. When you aren’t using it, though, it will serve as a secure source of income. You will not have to worry about details – entrusting the whole rental service to professionals. Rental days at the best maritime locations can surpass 180 in a year. By renting your apartment for barely half this time you can expect an annual income of several per cent, which is significantly better than other safe alternatives.

Ask the seller

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Holiday real estate business models assume that investors will make a profit of around 4–8.5 per cent per year (an excellent alternative to bank deposits)

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180 – the number of rental days at the best coastal locations

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Summer rental prices of apartments in Darłowo are as much as PLN 850 per night

image 3

16,1 mln – West Pomerania is the province that had the largest number of overnight stays in 2019. *
*based on data from GUS (Polish Central Statistical Office)

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We will take care of your comfort and time – each apartment benefits from a modern furniture arrangement and has a fully equipped kitchenette

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Professional building management with a reception and a zone where guests can rest on comfortable sofas after their journey.

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